Tongariro National Park Shuttle

Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s first UNESCO dual heritage National Park, housing three towering volcanoes: Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu.

Hiking is one of the most beloved activities in Tongariro and you’re likely to encounter hikers of all levels on its trails. But it’s essential that you plan ahead and select an ideal transportation option to meet your individual needs.

Pickup and drop off locations

Tongariro National Park shuttle services are integral components of hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing – an eight to 10 hour alpine trek over active volcanoes, mountain lakes and native forest terrain. Considered one of the greatest day hikes ever undertaken!

Tongariro National Park shuttle

Mangatepopo and Ketetahi car parks mark either end of the track. For the cheapest transport option, leave your own car at either start/end location and take an one-way shuttle bus ride back or forth across the trail.

Peak season can make parking at both ends of a track challenging, particularly on Labour Day in October and April when car parks close off for vehicles. Luckily there are one way shuttles available from National Park Village or other nearby villages that will take you up or back down along your trail journey.

As shuttle services tend to fill quickly, it is wise to book one in advance. To increase the chance of getting on one and secure a seat on board, arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time at your pick up point. If you miss your shuttle due to being late call immediately the company and let them know your circumstances; they should attempt to arrange another one as quickly as possible.

Based on where you stay the night before, different shuttle options exist to best accommodate your needs. Taupo or Turangi residents will likely be picked up from their accommodations by Tongariro Expeditions; those in Whakapapa, Ohakune or National Park Villages are most likely to be picked up directly by them.

Shuttle companies also provide convenient car parking at Ketetahi for those needing an added level of convenience at the start and end of their trips, as well as those staying in Whakapapa, Owhango or Ohakune who then need to travel south towards Wellington or north toward Taupo after they complete a hike.


The Tongariro National Park shuttle provides an efficient way for hikers to access one of the world’s premier one-day treks: Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Considered one of the world’s greatest one-day adventures, this epic trek provides hikers with an incredible journey over active volcanic peaks while walking.

Your trek may prove challenging, with unpredictable weather sometimes changing abruptly along your route, so it’s crucial that you check weather reports prior to setting out on your hike. Furthermore, ensure you possess at least moderate fitness level and plan for its terrain, which can often be steep and rocky.

Hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is an iconic experience and sure to revive your adventurous side. Explore New Zealand’s Central Plateau region while experiencing incredible natural beauty through this rewarding trek!

Our local mountain guides are adept at navigating the trails, helping you make the most of your time in the hills. With over two decades of experience and our commitment to safety on every hike we conduct, they ensure your excursion goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

Ketetahi, Base Camp and Turangi. Additionally, we can collect you from National Park Village accommodation should this be convenient before or after your hike in Whakapapa or Ohakune National Parks.

If you’re visiting for just the day and not staying nearby, we can drop you at Whakapapa Ski Area; just a short distance away. Here you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding all day long!

Our shuttles run regularly between Tongariro National Park, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu, with our headquarters based at National Park Village. We offer visitors to this region a wide range of activities like hiking, cycling and stand up paddle boarding tours; and are more than happy to work with you to customize a unique itinerary! Let our team create the ultimate Tongariro National Park shuttle experience just for you and your group!

Payment options

Tongariro National Park is one of New Zealand’s best-known national parks and an attractive tourist destination from all around the globe. Renowned for its majestic volcanic peaks, rich Maori culture, and exquisite natural beauty.

Mt Tongariro’s hike ranks among the world’s 10 greatest single-day treks and offers stunning vistas of emerald lakes, active craters and steam vents. However, its hike can prove challenging during wet or snowy weather when its tracks are covered with loose scoria or covered in loose snowfall.

As such, many hikers prefer booking the Tongariro National Park shuttle for their hiking expedition. With many services to choose from and it being crucial that they meet your individual requirements, this option may not always be best suited to everyone’s needs.

If you’re staying in Taupo or Turangi and wish to access the trailhead quickly and efficiently, search for a shuttle company with multiple pick-up/drop-off times each day – this will reduce waiting time and improve the likelihood of reaching its starting point on time.

If you’re staying in National Park or Whakapapa and would prefer not to drive after your hike, look for companies offering pickups from Ketetahi (the end of your trek). Groups might prefer opting for return shuttle services, which offer flexibility while keeping their hike in its original starting place.

An alternative approach is booking a guided tour. Guided tours provide an ideal way to safely experience hiking while being provided all necessary equipment and transportation services.

Families will appreciate this option, which offers discounted rates for kids and seniors. Furthermore, there are various packages and flexible options to meet all of your needs; even making use of the complimentary map and information sheet before setting off on your hike! Finally, their friendly staff makes this trip enjoyable all around!


Tongariro National Park shuttles are one of the most popular ways of accessing New Zealand’s Tongariro Crossing hike, one of its iconic hikes. Attracting over 100,000 visitors every year and straining car parking resources significantly, they draw over 100,000 each year putting strain on parking resources – so much so that the Department of Conservation recently implemented a 4-hour parking limit during peak summer season at Mangatepopo and Ketetahi trailheads to help manage this problem.

With parking restrictions now in effect, Tongariro Crossing shuttle services have become the only reliable means of experiencing its entirety. By choosing this convenient form of transport you can avoid finding parking spots while saving time for what matters most: taking in magnificent views and enjoying diverse volcanic landscapes along this iconic track.

At Tongariro Crossing shuttle services are plentiful, giving you plenty of choices so you can select one best suited to your needs and relax on your trip without fear! Be sure to choose an efficient transport provider so your travel experience runs smoothly without worry!

Tongariro Expeditions have over two decades’ experience offering shuttle services throughout New Zealand. They provide discounted rates to seniors, students and children as well as providing maps and information sheets before beginning your hike that provide helpful tips about staying safe on the mountainside.

Owned and operated by Maori people, this company ensures an authentic experience by adhering to Maori culture and environment, offering services such as cultural experiences. They even provide refreshments after your trek!

Dempsey Buses of Raetihi offers flexible services to and from Tongariro National Park. Since 1998 they have operated Tongariro Crossing shuttles; you can trust that they know this area very well! Providing safety to you while travelling!

The Tongariro Crossing is an ambitious walk, requiring physical fitness and perseverance, but can be the ideal trek for alpine mountain hiking enthusiasts. The track traverses an active volcano while passing mountain lakes and native forest; terrain can include rocks, slippery surfaces or limited visibility in certain spots.

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